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Tonight a special Kink Korner

HI there cock fans!!

Tonight at 8 pm live on cock radio there will be a very special edition of Kink Korner…the Fuck You show. This show was supposed to be cannibal and Constance doing a fuck you recording but due to Cannibal losing his voice it will now just be Constance live going down her list of people and places she wants to say FUCK YOU too.

This should be a fun show with lots and lots of “F” Bombs being thrown out there Tune in at 8 pm eastern on

**Special Note*** Ms Hannah will NOT be doing her show tonight after kink korner**

1 comment to Tonight a special Kink Korner

  • Mistress Constance– I am sooooo looking forward to your Kink Korner show tonight. This is going to be fucking great.

    Oh, poor cannibal did you lose your voice in your garage? Tsk-Tsk. I hope you feel better soon CC.

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