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Pets on Parade

Hey, everyone, long time no blog! Well, I have some exciting news! Ms. Vivian and Ms. Cooper are teaming up to do a special event just for all of you pet lovers, and well, lovers of all types.

The Old Bitch Fires Up the Cock Radio

One night Miss Cooper and I were jibber jabbering. I must have been going on about my new pup, Sugar, because she had a brilliant suggestion. She asked, why not shine the spotlight on our Mistresses’ and EE Members’ non-human pets?

Our callers and fans have always shown a curiosity about the everyday lives of their favorite Empresses. Pets are a passion for many of us and our social network friends, too. It wasn’t a difficult decision to run with it. Everyone thinks theirs are the cutest, smartest, best behaved, fastest or funniest.

On Friday the 29th, starting at 8 PM Eastern, Vivian & Cooper present a different kind of event: Pets on Parade. You can enter your pet in our EE group right here. Not a Member of EE? Not an issue. It is totally free, so just go ahead and sign on up Here.

The ladies are going to be giving out a huge prize. Your name might be drawn from the hat to win a mini Pass the Penis session. Poor thing, just think, you being passed around like a bar rag from Mistress to Mistress to Mistress.


18 + Only

All pets with posted pics will receive a memento of our 1st Pet on Parade event.

Tune in on September 29th at 8pm eastern here on Cock Radio and join the live chat happening during the show here.

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