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Kink Talk Radio, talk about your Kink

Well, we’ve finally branched out and done the inevitable, we launched a podcast site, Kink Talk Radio.  This is where you will have a chance to get to know us and even download our shows to your mp3 player or iPod.  It’s truly exciting for all of us and we hope you tune . . . → Read More: Kink Talk Radio, talk about your Kink

Vox Erotic Radio Show Debuts!

February 9 marked the long-awaited premiere of Ms Cecilia and Miz Ava’s brand new co-hosted live show titled “Vox Erotic Radioâ€?.  This program now airs every Saturday at 10pm EST on Talk Shoe.  Talk Shoe is a website that can be used to generate live, interactive content for internet radio shows and podcasts.   Vox . . . → Read More: Vox Erotic Radio Show Debuts!

An Interview with a Crossdresser

In an effort to bring you more entertaining and informative programming Mistress Ava has been conducting some interviews lately and this is the first of a series of interviews that will be posted here on the cock radio blog.  This is a discussion between Mistress Ava and a long-time customer of our service, Stephanie . . . → Read More: An Interview with a Crossdresser

Phone sex for $1?? Yes, phone sex for $1

As you can see above Ms Vivian has outlined some of the most important items of the weekend.  Be sure to be a NEW caller and pick up the phone.

 Right now, Ms Julia is on the adult radio station  and I’m listening to her sexy voice.  You can listen to Ms Julia on Tuesdays . . . → Read More: Phone sex for $1?? Yes, phone sex for $1

Mondays On Cock Radio

Mondays on Cock Radio join Goddess Dallas from 12PM to 2PM Live on the air and in the chat room.  Enjoy Ms Dallas great taste in music and her entertaining show!  From 6 to 8PM Eastern be sure to join Ms Ashley for the Ashley Block, Live and in the chat room, get . . . → Read More: Mondays On Cock Radio