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Halloween Party Hosted By Ms Hannah

It’s that time of year and we’re having a party! Here are the details:

Murder & Mystery! Who did it?

The theme is the roaring 20’s and I’ve invited you to my out of the way mansion for an evening of debauchery. While there the Guest of Honor is murdered! Jusztina from the House of Dracule?ti is found on the floor of her bedroom bloodied and without a pulse.

If you’d like to join us please email me your character name and background information before Oct. 21st.

This is going to be so much fun! Keep the date open – October 26th


I do hope you join us – I’ve gotten some wonderful characters in already. The event is also posted on Enchantrix Empire if you’d like to chat about it 🙂 Get creative and clear your calendar for a night in with ME <3

Sparkles and Sexcapades with Ms Hannah Tuesdays at 1 pm

If you didn’t know it yet Ms. Hannah has a brand new weekly radio show called Sparkles and Sexcapades and to kick off her new show she is having a sexy contest!!!!

Here is what Ms. Hanna posted about the contest

To enter the lyrics contest you must take an existing song and change . . . → Read More: Sparkles and Sexcapades with Ms Hannah Tuesdays at 1 pm

Cock Radio News

Hey hey hey there cock fans I wanted to do a post to let you know a few things about the next week on cock radio and remind you all that now that we have moved to spreaker for our platform to host our shows you can now listen to and download on demand . . . → Read More: Cock Radio News

Huge sale on erotic audios

To celebrate the new and improved erotic audios site we are offering a huge discount!!!!

Ms Hunter is back

If you missed her show last night well it is super easy to hear it just got HERE for the recorded podcast

Ms Hunter is going to be on cock radio every Thursday night at 8 pm eastern right before the sexy Ms Andi so do not miss out!

You never know what will . . . → Read More: Ms Hunter is back

No Hump Day Shows

HI everyone just a quick update that Kink Korner and naughty realm will NOT be happening tonight Ms Hanna and Constance are taking the night off but do check back next week cause it is ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Miss a show? Catch up on them

Hi there cock fans!!!

Have you missed your favorite show and feel bummed you didn’t get to tune in? Well guess what?! Ever since we switched platforms our shows are now all available to listen too forever so no more missing out on a show!

All you have to do is go to our . . . → Read More: Miss a show? Catch up on them

Double trouble on the cock

Join Constance at 8 pm on and in chat for a fun filled almost hour of fun this week and then stay tuned for Ms Hannah live right after for some fun!

Double the trouble means double the fun!

Need I Say More? Be there

New Show Whore School Hosted by Ms. Harper

Harper invites you to join her for a weekly discussion about sex. Everything you didn’t learn in Sex Ed when you were in school will be covered in Whore School.

I’m Harper, and I’m from Texas, land of Big Sky and silly notions about sexuality, along with an entrenched abstinence only sex education curriculum. . . . → Read More: New Show Whore School Hosted by Ms. Harper